About us

Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum

Incorporated in 1985, Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum manufactures zero-defect PVC profiles of 300 tons in the fully automated manufacturing plant in Antalya with modern and technologic infrastructure.

Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum’s core business is aluminum joinery and PVC joinery, and manufactures ready-to-use joinery, window markets, blinds, automatic shutters, guardrail systems, and folding glass balcony systems under the brand Pimapen. Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum also grants franchise as sub-dealer.

Its services include free and quick survey and information, high quality and quick project delivery, project-specific design and applications. Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum became the 1st in Antalya and 15th in Turkey across the dealers of Pimapen.

Today, Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum manufactures 300 tons of PVC with around 50 employees in the manufacturing plant located on an area of 3200 m2 with 1680 m2 of indoor space. It is aware of and assumes the responsibility for being a leader in Antalya with its qualified staff in the industry, leading it to more achievements.