• Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum was incorporated in 1985 in Antalya.
  • It operated in a workshop of 40 m2 by 2008.
  • It started manufacturing around 50 tons annually in a manufacturing plant of 125 m2 in 2010.
  • It switched to a semi-automated system in 2013, increasing production to 80 tons annually in an indoor area of 500 m2.
  • A fully automated machine park was installed in 2015 with modern and technological infrastructure, and manufacturing area was increased to 700 m2.
  • Mavi Akdeniz Alüminyum had 16 employees in 2018, but now has around 50 employees and an annual production capacity of 300 tons in its own plant located on an area of 3200 m2 with 1680 m2 of indoor space.